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4 iz 55, od toga MekaTun, jedna za klasu koju zaista i igram i kao i uvek wlock i priest legovi na accu na kojima ukupno 50 partija sa tim klasama.

Lyesmith kept his orange-blond hair pretty much shaved. You could see the lines of his skull. "Tell you what, though. This country started going to bell when they stopped hanging folks. No gallows dirt. No gallows deals."

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53 pakovanja

Floop, Flark, Luna, Pockey Galaxy, Storm Bringer, Boomship


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"...The End. There's nothin' after Z. Used to be one more page in here though, before someone tore it out. Know what it said?
The last page was about the author. Didn't say much. But the imagination has a way of fillin' in the gaps."

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