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100% Marks of Excellence u ELC-u

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I actually logged on only to state that I love my ELC to bits, when I stumbled across this thread. I am atm at 90.82%, and it feels as if I will have a hard time getting that third mark if ever. But that aside, the ELC has been my fav tank for a long time, along with such different beasts as the Alecto, SU-100, FV304 and IS-6. Over the past month I have been playing it a lot, just for the sheer fun of it. I am currently not actually grinding anything besides the daily doubles on a few, but I do play a lot for my own amusement, and the ELC surely fits that niche very well.


I also pity those not capable of driving this wonderful little tank, thus thinking it is bad. They have never enjoyed kicking the brown out of the enemy with this little stealthy machine. Yesterday I had a game on Malinovka where I did over 7000 in spotting dmg...! It was a slaughter, really. Drive from the north base to a suitable bush in the middle, and watch the enemies explode as they were all spotted - even those up in their own cap circle. 

Today i have had a few wonderful games where I have come out on top in the team, despite being the smallest tank in the lot. It is a great tank once you learn it. I am happy I have, since I seem to fail miserably at meds...'



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