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    Dota 6.48b

    6.48b Changelog ================ * Fixed a bug when reloading saved game with Leshrac or Storm * Fixed a big but rare MAC only (PPC not Intel) bug relating to Abaddon * Lowered Puck's Intelligence gain per level * Increased cool down on Waning Rift * Slightly reduced Shapeshift's cool down * Increased Reverse Polarity cool down from 120/100/80 to 120/110/100 seconds * Increased Enigma's base armor * Rebalanced Chronosphere * Fixed various Silence durations on non-hero units * Fixed converted ghouls' capacity to attack trees * Slightly lowered Puck's movement speed * Fixed a rare fatal issue with Aphotic Shield that could happen in -sh or with converted units * Increased Yurnero's base armor * Fixed a typo in Sanity's Eclipse tooltip * Increased Rooftrellen's Agility per level * Changed terrain command to be a host entered game mode (-ts/-terrainsnow). Please advertise this when you are hosting a game, not everyone likes a different terrain. * Increased Tidehunter's movement speed * Restored the old duration based Shallow Grave * Fixed fogged units not getting stunned from Dream Coil * Fixed game mode parser to not error "invalid game mode" when a non-gamemode option is entered before the game mode itself (like -weather snow before -ap for example) * Fixed Dragon Knight's revive name * Fixed Soul Assumption visual effect * Increased Lycanthropy Wolves' base armor * Fixed a recent bug with Multicast Bloodlust * Fixed various other minor typos * Fixed damage type on Double Edge to deal magic damage instead of pure damage to yourself * Added some better feedback text to -swap * Slightly lowered Bristleback's base armor 6.48 Changelog =============== * Added a new hero from the Model-To-Hero contest (see below) * Added a new ability for Animal Courier to change its model. * Fixed Planeswalker's Cloak and Hood of Defiance stacking issues on various heroes' innate magic resistance abilities. * Fixed an old rare bug with Leshrac (and recently Storm) that would cause them to constantly drain mana. * Fixed a bug when killing heroes with Crow * Fixed Flesh Heap to work properly with suicides * Fixed a bug in -dm -nd that causes the hero after Bristleback to have Warpath if Bristleback dies with the buff on, and the player quickly picks a new hero. * Fixed the game mode text to display in proper order * Fixed Starfall doing extra damage on the second hit * Restored Freeze Hero functionality * Added a command -test to enable single player commands to be usable in multiplayer for easier extensive testing * Added new command '-terrain snow'. This transforms the current terrain into a snow terrain. This is a very experimental mechanism and is still very much a WIP in the visuals department. * Fixed Death Pulse to hit properly non-magic-immune Ancients * Improved Alchemist's movement speed a bit * Increased ranged creep's mana pool * Rebalanced Sanity's Eclipse (Less damage, better leveling) * Improved Harbinger's casting animation time * Fixed a visual glitch with Dispersion that would make it look like it did more Dispersions than it actually did * Fixed a bug with Unstable Concoction when used during the transformation of Chemical Rage * Fixed a bug with Greaterbash * Improved Lion's movement speed a little * Fixed Panda's Storm Wind Walk stats * Game now gives an error message when attacking Roshan from a disallowed area * Added -nr(-norepick) * Added -mute as a custom player command to disable kill sounds * Fixed a bug with Weave and Reincarnation - Lots of effort was made to fix stability issues with the map. Either this or 6.48b will be the new stable version, depending on reports after it gets played in the open for a bit first. - Congratulations to the final 8 and everyone that participated and voted in the hero contest. Vodoun's hero was the primary selection with one ability from coldlikehell's hero. Once again, thanks to everyone participating in contest.
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