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  1. Želite li da pravite modele za DOTA2? Bacite pogled na @klanrur da saznate kako.

  2. Dota2 ARTBOOK gathered many artists and their work on one place, including me and my own humble submission.

  3. RT @klanrur: New Post: Uz novi Black Ops 3 dobijate - frižider! Activision je tokom ComicCon sajma objavio… http://t…

  4. "Warcraft movie is now scheduled to open June 10, 2016." #fingerscrossed

  5. Haze Whisperer Set on new Weekly Workshop list from awesome @DotaCinema Check it out! #dotacinema #abaddon #dota2

  6. Haze Whisper Set on Weekly Workshop list from awesome @DotaCinema Check it out! #dotacinema #abaddon #dota2workshop

  7. Haze Whisperer reached 4k views! Next goal 10k! Check Abaddon Set here and vote if you like.