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  1. CS:GO se spusta kad god kliknem

    Zna neki put odredjene aplikacije da ubaguju csgo kada se pokrene, meni su ranije taj problem pravili Samsung Magician ( software za ssd - stare verzije ) i starije verzije drajvera za ASUS XONAR zvucnu kartu. E sad nije svakome isto :)
  2. Aphobia Gaming Monthly Cups

    Guys we will unfortunately have to MOVE our MONTHLY CUP from this month for 18th of March ( all registered teams are still registered ) due to date and time conflict with TWICH & FACEIT ECS tournaments . We are very sorry for the inconvenience and we hope we are going to see you on 18th of Match . We wish you all the best, and best luck in our and any other tournaments that you may be attending . Aphobia Gaming ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drugari nazalost ce mo morati da pomerimo MONTHLY CUP za sledeci mesec , tacnije kup ce biti odrzan 18 marta ( subota ) zbog konflikta u vremenu i datumu sa kvalifikacijama i mecevima ECS lige koju organizuju twitch i FACEIT . Izvinjavamo se zbog ove neugodnosti i nadamo se da cemo se videti 18 Marta . Zelimo vam svima sve najbolje i puno srece u nasem kao i drugim turnirima na kojima ucestvujete Aphobia Gaming
  3. Aphobia Gaming Monthly Cups

    Naravno, svi timovi iz EVROPE mogu da igraju .
  4. Hey everyone ! We are proud to announce that Aphobia Gaming will be starting it's own EU region tournament series with help of our partners : CSGOMASSIVE and . We are very keen to invite all of you to join us in our tournaments and get a chance to become one of the best Counter-Strike teams on the scene. Our tournament series will be hosted on and thus all matches will be played on FACEIT servers (Germany, UK, Netherland, France, Sweden) You can find more about us on our website " " and you can find our organizer page on FACEIT here : . You will also be able to find all our turnaments on our FACEIT organizer page. We will be having our weekly cups where team have a chance to pick up some FACEIT points along the way and prepare for our MONTHLY tournaments where you will be fighting your way for a 800€ prize pool and be given the ultimate chance to become a LEGEND. The prize pool is managed in the following order: 1st : 500 € 2nd : 200 € 3rd : 50 € 4th : 50 € You can find and register for our 1st monthly tournament on the following link : In terms of fair play we have made mandatory use of FACEIT CLIENT ANTI CHEAT for all players in our TOURNAMENTS hosted on Prizes will be transferred via PayPal or Western Union directly to the Team Captain (If PayPal does not exist in your country, the fee for Western Union services will be paid by the recipient). If you guys have any questions regarding the tournament, feel free to send us an e-mail to:, or you can join our DISCORD VIP SERVER: , where you can at any time contact our admins in #tournament-support channel.