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  1. Dva dana sine smarash ovde , kako je namestno i jel si promenio neshto ?!?!!!! NISI prestani vise da kenjash napravi turnir u Kraljevu pa namesti i ti sve kako ti kurac hoce ...
  2. Kobrice :D Najgori si realno ima da te bije narod.... Btw bo3 ili bo1 :) Kao da ima razlike kad dobijes bo1 dobices i bo3 sto kaze KOBRICAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
  3. Oke Mzon3.eu Uplatili samo pogledaj paypal :) Ima note ima sve hvala !
  4. Frist 5 Customers get one month free GAMETIME! The price depend on the current price of gold on the server. Today CDKEYS are on SALE!!! All in stock!!!!! SoR Accounts 40.000gold-13euros CHEEP SoR ACCOUNTS !!!!!!! For POWERLEVELING Service ask us on skype/msn For TCG mounts and evry another rare mount ask us on skype ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Payment Methods: MoneyBookers , PayPal , WesternUnion and InGame Gold DISCLAIMERS: - Skype : securew0w whit zero -0- :))) a -The GameTime(RAF) , Mount & CDKEYS price are not constant (dependent on the gold price) and please contact me about it. -First you invite me via RAF. Then u give me gold or money and get your gametime!! --When you trade gold there is always a chance to get a 2 day ban or perma ban it has nothing to do with me. Iam not responsible for any lose of gametime or acc these can hapen even if you dont trade gold.I can just give back gold and Recruit a Friend Gametime can be removed by Blizzard, as this service is against their Term of Use. I am not responsible for lost RAF Gametime removed by Blizzard under any circumstances. Tips: Do not contact GM while you are using RAF Gametime. That is possible to all RAF sellers but they dont wanna talk about it ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [ Vouched from OwnedCore-Moderators Vouched from OwnedCore-Contributors
  5. Prodajem golde na Stormscale H 30k 1300 dinara MSN playmorestor3@live.com skype playmorestor3 0612519043 samo pozoivi ! placanje post net ili moneybookers.
  6. imam ja 2 keya cena je 30 evra ako uzmesh oba dacu ti po 25
  7. Koga interesuje ova igrica imam je na stimu i cs 1.6 znaci dajem steam sa dota2 i cs 1.6 :)Za wow gametime golde sta god :) ponude na pm
  8. btw Ownicu LWC-FreakS 16-11 ili tako nesto 7 nije sigurno jel 9 smo uzeli za half :)
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