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  1. Tribal ne igra , izbrisi ga sa spiska nicky. Gl sa org-om.
  2. LWC pobedio UNKNOWN 16:14 i vi ih diskvalifikujete zbog scroll-a , koga uopste nije ni bilo? A ni demoe niste pogledali? Extra :D
  3. GL sa turom! Sholaja (PROFFESOR ) osvaja tur! :D
  4. NOVOSTI : ePlay is hereby announcing its reopening and We are better than ever with some new features just for you. We will be able to use a number of servers, courtesy of GSalive\DotSi. GSalive\DotSi's servers are the best in Portugal and they are among the few companies who offer 1000fps servers which allows players to play with no breaks\choke\loss and attain almost a LAN-like experience. ePlay will also count with some new sections which will help its users when it comes to having the best experience possible while playing on ePlay gathers. These new sections are: - Administrative Team - Anti-Cheat Team - Help Team We take this opportunity to let our users know that ePlay will give prizes to our top players in this reopening month. These prizes are: 1 º MESTO : PlayStation ® 3 Slim 120 GB 2 º MESTO LG MONITOR TFT 22 ® WIDE W2253V-PF (2 MS) 3 º MESTO SteelSeries Siberia slušalice v2 We are now in a testing phase of our new Anti-Cheat tool which will ensure cheats-free play from all the players, who will be forced to play fair. ePlay will also have a new ranking system which will include detailed statistics from played gathers. In addition, we will have a moviemaker do a small movie with the best frags of the month on our gathers. The points will reset to 0 today and the ladder will end in the 31st of March at 23:59 GMT. During this month, premium accounts will be free. There will also be a VIP gathers channel where the best Portuguese players will play. The top 3 players in our ladder will have access to the channel to enjoy themselves and learn from the best. Soon, there will be an admin recruit in order to create a new Admins Team to monitor our gathers in and out of the servers to ensure everything runs smoothly. ePlay users can start using our Anti-Cheat Tool right now and report any bugs\problems\suggestions to our help channel (#ePlay.Help). It's important to do so because, when the ladder is reset, the AC Tool's usage will become mandatory. Always start the Anti-Cheat Tool using the file ePlayLauncher.exe so you can always have the latest version. AC Tool Link: If you have any questions, you can contact us through the channel on Quakenet or commenting on this post. We wish all our users happy fragging! Have Fun!
  5. Pozdrav, ovoren je srpski ePlay kanal. Slicno je kao gather-u ali ima razlike. Za sada imamo 3 servera koji rade ok. Takodje tu je i forum Kako igrati na ePlay-u : 1. Registracija na 2. Idite na "Moj profil" i postavite Vaše Qauth i SteamID 3. Spojite na webchat i authujte se na QuakeNet pomoću: / msg AUTH username password 4. Mozete da koristite !auth na svakom ePlay Kanalu 5. Koristite !add da biste igrali ukoliko je igra pokrenuta 6. Ukoliko zelite da izadjite iz igre kucajet !remove 7. Proverite IP i Lozinku u privatnim porukama i UDJITE na server sto pre. Ukoliko imate problema oko stavke pod rednim brojem 3 , evo resenja : otvoren je pre 15 dana i broji 270 clanova. Zahvaljujemo se sponzorima :