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  1. Ti nisi tako dobar ko dorcolac i novi beograd...

  2. Legionar

    kratki stripovi

    Brutalni sa x-om.
  3. Legionar

    ESL ENC 2010

    Kolko mi se chini sastav nashe ekipe bolje ne moze sve i da oce... Praticemo, podrzavati samo napred <3 GL
  4. Legionar


    Dajte nekog bmw-a :D
  5. Legionar

    NetPlus Volume 1

    Lep turnirchic. Bilo ok, onaj bugarin shto kucka 1231 rechi/sec pobedio.
  6. Legionar


    Despite numerous rumors around a possible unveiling at the next week’s Geneva Motor Show, we have learned from several sources close to BMW that the M1 Concept (or whichever name will carry) won’t make an appearance at the BMW stand. Now that our dreams got shattered, at least for now, let’s continue our coverage on the BMW M1 with a new rendering. Harold Wood from 1Addicts makes an attempt at photoshoping a BMW 1 SeriesCoupe with some of the most common M-brand design elements. While not shown here, we learned in the past that at the front-end, the bumper will be larger and more massive than any M-Package we have seen so far, and the usual fog lights are gone. The massive front bumper will allow air to flow for the High Performance Intercooler. Like the front end of the car, the rear is wider with a look that is reminds us of the transition between the previous E46 Coupe and the E46 M3. Broader wheel arches will accommodate the larger track and the classic “Ducktail” appearance makes a welcome return with the spoiler now integrated as part of the bootlid, for a more cohesive look and additional aid for aerodynamics. As portrayed in the photoshoped image above, the rear valance/diffuser area takes its direction from the standard 135i, but with open ducts for aerodynamic purpose; the duct is separated by typical M quad exhaust pipes. The roof of the car receives the typical BMW M Coupe addition of a reinforced Carbon Fibre Roof to help maintain the lightweight concept. Two air intakes on the front wings gives the M1 the classic M-look. The BMW M1 is powered by an updated/upgraded N55 engine worked on by the M Divison. The 1,500 kg M1 is said to output 345 horsepower. The car is scheduled to officially launch in 2011, but we hope to learn more next Tuesday when the Geneva Motor Show’s door will open.
  7. Legionar


    Two years ago at the same Frankfurt Auto Show, the famous German tuner Alpina unveiled their own version of the BMW 6 Series: B6 S Coupe. Once again, Alpina decided to bring out their B6 Coupe model along with many other Alpina models displayed in Frankfurt. B6 S Coupe stands out with its aggressive front fascia, the interesting bonnet on the hood and the abundance of carbon fiber parts. The interesting bonnet helps with better cooling ensuring that the 530 ponies are running as expected. Alpina B6 S Coupe is powered by a V8 4.4 liter engine which receives boost from a so-called ”radial compressor”, which one may visualize as a combination of a turbo and a compressor. The charging system in this engine differs from conventional solutions: not a turbo but also not a super-charger.As mentioned above, the car produces 530 horsepower and a torque of 725 Nm. Alpina worked closely with ZF to develop the new Alpina Sport SWITCH-TRONIC. The shift durations of the excellent ZF 6HP26 automatic transmissions were able to be reduced by 50 percent. In manual mode the shifts feel comparable in their dynamism to a double clutch gearbox. The truth is that the photos don’t do any justice to the car and when seeing the B6 S Coupe in person, you come to realize the beauty of it. Add a matte finish and you’re looking at one of the most attractive bimmers.
  8. Legionar

    nemačko auto je najbolje auto

    Lucky shto ne bi izdvojio kesh za mechku?
  9. Legionar


    I audi i nisan odvratni...
  10. Legionar


    Za e60 si mogo da tvrdish da je ogavan jer je to bio prvi model novog (od tad pa nadalje) dizajna, ali posle 3-4 godine dizajniranja ovo polako pochinje da ne lichi ni na shta jer se dodaju linije svih modela po malo i onda to ispadne boze sachuvaj... realno moze ova 5ica mnogo lepshe da se odradi ali kazem vidi se da se trude da idu i istom smeru ali to tako nece ici....
  11. Legionar


    Mozda im je i bolje da ne menjaju preterano izgled jer sve mi se chini da je svaki naredni ruzniji od prethodnog....
  12. Legionar


    Nije losha benkica ali ne svidjaju mi se retrovizori nikako, i prednji spojler je mogo bolji da se stavi...
  13. Legionar


    Idioti klasichni. Btw nije Tojota tolko losha kolko ste se vi u ovom trenutku usrali svi koji je vozite :D
  14. Legionar

    nemačko auto je najbolje auto

    Nemoj da me frustrirash :D