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Srpski igraci / timovi u solo/team ligama

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Evo otvorio sam ovaj topic kao mesto gde bi pisali sve dogadjaje i rezultate srpskih igraca, sto se tice odigranih klanskih meceva i solo kupova, tako da sve u vezi klan liga il solo kupova pisite ovde radi lakseg snalazenja [:D]

Pa da pocnem sa danasnjim mecevima:


teh vs eQu - Cold liga playoff

GW: teh]Noni [1-2] eQu.Arx0nt

TM: teh]Helly [2-1] eQu.DDalDDalRe

LT: teh]Prime [0-2] eQu.Blade

TS: teh]Vidoque [0-0] eQu.Jade

AV: teh]Wolfy & teh]Prime [1-2] eQu.Arx0nt & eQu.DDalDDalRe

teh [1-3] eQu


cube vs MJ - TFL liga, zadnji mec qualija za zadnji slot u ligi

LT: cube`HowWeDo [0-0] MJ.Dig1ty

TI: cube`Ghost [2-1] MJ.Yo

TM: cube`Zaba [2-0] MJ.Lubber

EI: cube`Geno [1-2] MJ.3gpaBkO

AV: cube`Ghost & cube`HowWeDo [0-2] MJ.3gpaBkO & MJ.Dig1ty

Cube [2-2] MJ

gl [:)]

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^Italian je zato shto je italijanska organizacija. Kao shto je 4K britanski klan ili MYM danski.

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Oni lazu da su koreanci, a ustvari su danci, trust me [:D] rekao mi Bjarke ^^


grinder says:

eo bas sam sad izmikrovao demona 6-icu

grinder says:


grinder says:

i uspeo sam ....

grinder says:


` Nemanja Recoba ` says:


grinder says:

realno i am kad ukljuci ulti maltene isto shiba?

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da Moon Lucifer Susiria i EVE su Danci -.-

ovo je tvoj zivotni Reply i svima si nam prosvetli vidike :)

I am the centre of this universe.The wind of time is blowing through me,and it's all moving relative to me, it's all a figment of my mind in a world that I've designed. I'm charged with cosmic energy. Has the world gone mad or is it me? I am the creator of this universe,and all that it was meant to be,so that we might learn to see.This foolishness that lives in us and stupidity that we must suss ! How to banish from our minds,if you call this living I must be blind.Ma ja sam puko!

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eXit je juce odigrao mec u okviru BCL kvalifikacija, evo rezultata :

eXistence GaminG[eXit] 3-0 European Power[EnP]

Twisted Meadows & Turtle Rock

eXit.PadasH 2-0 LDs.NevrozeN

Echo Isles

eXit.Feky Not Needed EnP.Shaker

Secret Valley 1.1 & Gnoll Wood

eXit.Semyr 2-0 EnP.Duko

Lost Temple(RoC), Twisted Meadows & Turtle Rock

eXit.VoOdOo 2-1 korn-jubi

Turtle Rock

eXit.PadasH & eXit.Feky Not Needed EnP.HuMaN-TeRRo & EnP.Duko

Some men wish for my death, and if I die - I would not be alone in traversing that path

The death of my precursors was not adverse - Nor is the life of those after me going to last

Perhaps the one who supplicates for my demise - Will himself pass away while I am still alive

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