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[WTS] [EUNE] Level 30 UFO Corki,Championship Thresh and 65 more skins!

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General Information:

Server: EUNE
Level: 30
Rank: Unranked
Rank HISTORY: Season - 1 Bronze, Season - 2 Gold,Season -3 Gold,Season -4 Platinum,Season -5 Diamond
IP: 6300
RP: 163
Champion #: 120
Skin #: 63
Ultimate skins:Pulsfire ezrael,Spirit guard udyr,Zombie brand
Rune Pages: 7

Rank Skin Rewards:

Victorious Elise
Victorious Janna
Victorious Morgana
Victorious Sivir

Special Skins:

UFO Corki
Riot Graves
Championship Thresh
Prvi sam vlasnik,account nikada nije bio banovan,hakovan.

Edited by Indus97

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@Indus97 novi clan sam i ne mogu da ti saljem poruke da li mozes da mi pustis neki discord ili kontakt da se cujemo imam dobar wow classic account ,ja sam vlasnik.

ili dodaj ti mene Benyblanco#7806 discord

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