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WTS wow acc 3 lvl 85 dobro gearovani, 1 char pala 385itel lvl pvp geared Holy pala... Alchemy/mining maxx,3.4k+ ach poena, 12 titula, Rare mounti OS 10 man, Argent Charger, Golden King, Swift Brewfest Ram...Winterspring Frostsaber. ULDUAR DRAKE.... 3k honora/670 councuesta,15 exalted reputacion, 1650 rating 2v2> 2 Char Priest, 3800 achviment poena, 5 titula, 51 mount/Albino Drake/Fiery Warhorse/Great Brewfest Kodo/Winterspring Frostsaber, Na QUESTY za novi Legendary.... 13 exalted rep,.379+ item lvl pve.... and some pvp gear..7/7 fl 2/7hc, weapon mace od raggija.... 720 councuesta / 500 honora, Insc/her maxed... 3 char Hunt 9.3k ach poena 41+ Exalted rep, 33+ title... 29 Feats of Strength/Reins of the Raven Lord/Winterspring Frostsaber//Swift White Hawkstrider/The Horseman's Reins/A Tribute to Skill (10 player)/A Brew-FAST Mount, Dark Phoenix..107 Mounta atm...Azure drake od malygosa, oba Tol barad mounta.. 389Item lvl pvp spec.377PVE.. 3k honora, 2k concuesta/justise 3k, 360itemlvl pve, Jw/Engen/cook/fish/first aid sve maxx...Almost full T6/T4.. Most rare bow- Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas.Game master guilda lvl 16.4char magecrap gear 377lvl fresh dinged .U slucaju trade????? -ONLY good geared sa dosta achimv.... Lock/Mage/War/(Pala?). Nemojte nuditi nesto crap sa gearom i malo ach. Ako nudite nek bude dobro i kvalitetno.... Prednost pvp charovi sa nekim rare mountom/velikim ratingom.... 069/620/927 Dragan, sve mogucnosti dolaze u obzir)))) mislim u vezi trade/sell.....

Hunt 33 Fos....

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