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Pozdrav, prodajem ili menjam 4x84 svi su horde

1.BE pala:7600 archi poena,23 titule, 24 FOS, 87 maunta.... 370 lvl gear za holly, imam retri i prot gear...profesije JC/ench

85 lvl BE pala

Holly-369 item lvl 2 dela t12 2 dela t11, offset vecina 365/378

Ima ret i prot gear

7600 arch poena, preko 24 FOS, oko 130 played dana uplacen josh oko 2 meseca



Champion of the frozen Wastes



Defender of a Shattered World

Flame Keeper

Guardian of Cenarus


Twilight Vanquisher

Of Orgrimar

of Senjin

of Silvermoon

of Thunder Bluff

of the Ashene Verdict

of the Nightfall

of the Undercity

the Argent Champion

the Exalted

the Explorer

the Hallowed

the Kingslayer

the Patient

the Piligrim

87 maunta...znacajniji Rivendares deathcharger, Amani battle bear, dark phoenix, Flameward Hippogryph

Raven lord...65 petova...profesije JC/ench/kuvanje pecanje..pune torbe kojekakvih matsa

2.Troll MM hunter 357 lvl gear, profesije mining/Eng

3.UD warlock...skoro izlevelovan nista vredno pomena

4.Orc shaman...resto/enha...profesije herb/ins/archeology

i tu je i 82 UD rogue sa herb/alch

Od acc posedujem sav info, uplacen je josh oko 2 meseca mozda malo vishe

za dalji info....armory, cena PM


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