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Pillars of Eternity 2 - Obsidian

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a jbg bilo je ili on ili avelone, i stas

u sustini sawyer je jako inteligentan lik, samo da se ne bavi dizajnom ikakve vrste svi bi bilo ok

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Ever since mid-January, the Deadfire forum community has been tracking random-looking 6-digit codes that Obsidian has inserted into various tweets, gifs, press images, print media, and videos. 

It's been revealed that it is all part of the Deadfire Scavenger Hunt! 

Log in with the above link, and enter the following codes to snag some cool items when Deadfire gets released!


ja proverio, dobijaju se lepe sitnice


Sa druge strane, potvrdili su da ce svi dijalozi u igri imati VO 


Edited by G!!!

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