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WTS imba acc...

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Main Spec : Resto ( full epic 359gear )

Off Spec: Resto(pvp 3.9k ressi(9 Vic\ious Items , rest Bloodthirsty) , Enhc ( full 346gear, plus 6 epic) , Elemental ( 346gear plus 3 epic (plus u can use some of resto gear for hit(spirit))

Achievement: 5985

Mounts: 56/100 ( RavenLord, Swift Whitehawkstrider, Black Drake, Talbuk , Nether Ray, Albino drake , Riding Camel , Headless Horseman, Rusted Proto Drake, Red Proto drake, Wooly mammoth )

Pets : 43/50

Some nice farming items: Time Lost Figurine , Orb of sin'dorei

Enchanting 525/525

Titles(11) : Of the Shattered Sun, Starcaller, Kingslayer , Chapmion of the Frozen Wastes, Jenkins , Twilight Wanquisher , of The Ashen Verdict, Of the Nightfall, the Explorer , The Pilgrim

BWD : 5/6 , ToFW: 1/2 BoT: 4/4


Priest : Iskljucivo PvP lik

ima 354ilvl pve gear ( 2 shadow itema iz seta)


Alt : Warrior 80lvl...

Imam sav info od accounta( vanilla cd-key, secret question, prijavljeni email)dobijate kopiju licne karte..ponude ispod 300eura ne dolaze u obzir....i sve se radi uzivo...u bg-u...

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