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  1. Discovery Events – Emergent Storytelling. Deep & Varied Exploration. Enormous procedural galaxies, containing thousands of planets. Vast number of unique Random Species. Advanced Diplomacy system. Ship Designer (even civilian ships can be customized). Stunning space visuals. Multiplayer support for upwards of 32 players (no real limit apart from map sizeBehind the game The game will be mix of 4X and Grand Strategy style of gameplay. Game will be real time with pause, like other Paradox games have. There will be 7 group of species (phenotypes): Molluscoid Mammalian Fungoid Avian Human Reptilian Insectoid About the game Each species will have unique appearances, traits, and ethics There is possibility to design and name a custom species with the government and attributes you desire There will be 3 main technological groups You can create your own ship dosing There will be in depth diplomacy system The universe can be large up to 1000 system There will be events and huge impact of the game You will start in age of first faster-than-light technology (same as most of other races) Early stage of game will be more on exploration and discovery and colonization like most of the 4X games Mid and late stage of the game will be more of Grand Strategy game because of contact of other huge empires Really interesting approach of science and discovery (more info latter) There will be leaders and characters in the game and they have big role in the game (most likely some feature like in CK II) There will be huge catastrophes in game (events) Game are developing most of the staff of Paradox Development Studio. Game Director is Henrik Fåhraeus - the guy who is lead designer for Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron series. This is there biggest project, and this is there dream project This is there first game that is not part of history theme This is the first mayor IP after 10 years of developing games Game is made in Klauswitz engine (Same engine as CK II, EU IV and HoI IV)