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Found 3 results

  1. Igra li ko? Ja sam se odusevio kako je optimizovan u odnosu na pubg! Mapa je manja, nisam izvalio da ima vozila. Ma nisam jos nista izvalio tek sam probao dve partije i vr' mi deluje:) Bedak je sto ima samo solo i quad. Mogli bi neki quad da organizujemo ha?
  2. Grotar2


    Ode i RIFT u F2P vode. Bio je topik ranije ali izgleda da ga nema vise..... So break it down for us: What will the free portion of RIFT's F2P include, and what will be monetized? All of our content is available completely for free: every quest, every chronicle, every dungeon, every continent, every level, and every raid. You can level to 60 without spending a dime. You can earn the best gear in the game without giving us a credit card. No tricks; no traps. The RIFT Store will have a variety of boosts available to increase your XP gain or token gain -- but these are just accelerations of things you can already earn. We will also be offering mounts, costumes, treasure boxes, storage space, more role slots, more wardrobe slots, and a slew of services. We will also have gear for sale. Our guidelines for gear on the store are generally as follows: The best gear in the game must be earned and high-level items on the store must also be available to be earned in-game. Will there still be a subscription option? Will there be additional incentives to subscribe if so? We are renaming our subscription option to Patron status. Patrons will receive a variety of benefits including daily boosts they can activate as well as convenience features such as summoning trainers, bankers, guild bankers, and more. Deluje kao ok model, F2P krece 12.juna
  3. Grotar2

    Hunt: Horrors of the Gilded Age

    Nova Crytekova igra, zapravo rade je likovi iz ex-Vigila koji su raili na Darksidersima. Igra je F2P co-op, maksimum je 4 igraca. Slobodni ste da naprvite svog lika i da ga podesite kako vam odgovara Na kraju svake misije je boss ali pre njega svi objektivi ce biti random generisani. Dosta lepo izgleda, jedino moraju malo da porade na melee borbi. Posebno mi se respawn mehanika svidja kada pogine lik