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  1. #1 A.D. Iron Man 3 - dauni je užasno šarmantan i nosi ceo film, dok je gaj pirs nekako neubedljiv kao zlikovac. nije mi žao što sam gledao ovaj film, al fakat ima pametnijih načina da se potroši dva sata.
  2. Ivan_

    The X-Files (S10, 2016)

    izašle dve epizode do sada. dijalozi su ka-ta-stro-fa, scenario jadan, njih dvoje su odrtaveli i ne oseća se hemija među njima. pogledaću svaku epizodu jer sam fan ali ovo je prejadno.
  3. Ivan_

    PayPal iskustva

    Momci, pošto smo svi uspeli da napravimo PP naloge, valjalo bi razmeniti iskustva sa naručivanjem stvari, plaćanjem itd. Je l probao neko nešto da plati PP-om? Kako radi, koliko se brzo obrađuje itd? // Za diskusiju o socioekonomskim implikacijama omogućenog pristupa paypal-u iz Srbije imate ovaj topik, tako da o tome nećemo ovde.
  4. mislim da je namerno dvosmisleno ime, "pravi" na ruskom znači i desni i pravi.
  5. Ivan_

    Desktop Screenshots

    Odavno nismo imali desktop topik, a i red bi bio da se napravi sticky za to :) Za početak, par pravila: 1. nemojte ubacivati screenshot-ove u postove - ostavite link ili eventualno napravite thumbnail, ali nikako nemojte stavljati velike slike 2. uživajte I idemo :)
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    Titlovi bacite još adresa, da napravimo koristan sticky..
  7. Ivan_

    top gear

    Top Gear Probably Returns On June 22nd » Click to show Spoiler - click again to hide... «Series 11. Who'd have thought eh? We were talking about this very thing in the office the other day, about how we used to try and predict how long the show would run for when we brought it back in 2002. I remember declaring with massive authority that we'd peak around Series 3, and then slide gracefully into oblivion. Brian, our studio director, told me I was talking arse and said we'd keep climbing up to Series 5, and only then would the Job Centre beckon. Everyone has chipped in with different punts along the way, but thankfully we're all quite thick and our Mystic Meggery has been way off. Then - it was a busy day - we started talking about how we'd eventually bring Top Gear to a close. We all agreed quite quickly that the cool thing to do would be to kill the show whilst it was on top - take a leaf out of Wham's book or copy Fawlty Towers and just walk out the door before it all gets stale and sad. That way we could hold our heads up and say we left behind a body of work that was quality all the way, instead of grimly clinging on as the viewing figures and our dignity tumbled. Quitting whilst you're ahead is a hard path to take - one that requires courage, integrity and moral backbone - which is why in the end we decided to abandon that idea and just keep churning it out until we've outstayed our welcome. However, although we're spineless we do try our best. But since it is getting harder and harder to come up with new stuff, a few months ago, as the new series loomed, we did something we've never done before - we decided to have a brainstorm. I'm talking about a proper one like businessmen do. You know, book a hotel with conference facilities, everyone out of the office, mobiles off, agenda for the day, tea, biscuits, whiteboards, the lot. Looking back, I can't say it went brilliantly. We'd picked a hotel just off the M1, and I mean just off: exit at the junction, right at the roundabout, straight down a road for 2 miles and the hotel is on the right. You'd have to be a muppet to get lost. At 10.30, half an hour after the appointed start time, James rang and said he was lost, going round in circles in Watford. Jeremy meanwhile, in honour of the brainstorm, had brought along a laser pointer for the power point presentation, with which he managed to blind the waitress bringing in the tea and coffee facilities. Eventually we got going and item one on the agenda was me kicking off with a little speech. I thought it would be a good managerial thing to do - a few words about how far we'd come, what we'd achieved, and then when everyone felt praised and motivated, smoothly changing gear and outlining the tough tasks that lay ahead - continuing our guardianship of a great TV brand, eyes of the nation upon us, that sort of thing. I finished and looked round the room. Silence, as the significance of my words sank in. Finally, Jeremy was the first to speak: "Who fancies coming for a tab?" Eventually we really got going, and item two on the agenda was the news section of the programme. "Be ruthless," I ordered. "Don't be frightened to kill your babies, blue sky the moment, no idea is a bad idea," etc. So we all thought about it and after a while decided we quite liked it as it was. And then Richard suggested that during the news, the presenters themselves - instead of the trained technicians in the broadcast trucks - should have control over pulling up the pictures and cueing all the stuff on the screens. Now plainly this is a terrible idea, but since it was already midday and the first idea we'd had, we all voted in favour. And so the day went on. We looked at every aspect of the show, decided we quite liked those bits as they were as well, and then went to the pub. Think of the forthcoming series then as a familiar friend, your favourite old jumper that brings comfort, warmth, and things you've seen before. The day wasn't a write-off by any means though, because we came up with a new character, a bit like the Stig, but not like the Stig, who hopefully does exciting stuff for everyone's amusement. We worked out a plan for tweaking the guest spot, we decided we'd get some new chairs, and on top of that we dreamt up some good ideas for films. Most exciting for me is that we've finally come up with another big race - you know, car versus something or other. The last time we did one was a couple of years ago, with the plane against the Veyron, and in hindsight we lost the plot in that one - too pompous, too overblown and preposterous, too much work on the scripting to make it funny. This one is back to basics, more hardcore, mega car, mega opponent, with a solid premise. And a clue for the geeks: we did it in Japan. Elsewhere, we've tackled rural issues such as the fox hunting ban and fascist ramblers. With the ingenious use of cars, we go to war, literally, with a German version of Top Gear (which incidentally means Sabine is back) and there's a very exciting shootout with the RS6 against the most suicidal of skiers. Jeremy also reckons he has an ingenious plan for improving British police cars, so we'll be testing that theory, and we've always said you can't be a true petrolhead until you've owned an Alfa, so now it's time to put our money where our mouth is. There's some good metal too - new Evo X against the Impreza, CLK Black and hopefully the Mazda Furai. Overall though, the other thing we're going to do is try and speed up a bit. We've looked back over the last two or three runs and noticed that a whole programme can get swallowed up by one monster film - a bit like one of those Yes albums from the 70s where side one is just one track - so we're trying to calm down the prog rock side. Actually a band analogy is a good one here. I was reading the other day how REM had spent ages recording previous albums and tied themselves in knots in the process, but that their latest one was knocked out fast, with short sharp songs that don't outstay their welcome. We'll inevitably still have big films, cos it's the only way you can enjoy the three of them cocking about together, but they'll be shorter overall, and alongside them we'll be inserting some quick two or three minute punk songs. Right, I'm going back to the edit. Andy Wilman
  8. ćao, vudu recimo da sam skinuo win7 enterprise sp1 iso, i da neću da ga režem na dvd, nego da hoću da ga instaliram sa usb fleš drajva. šta da radim?
  9. Ivan_


    postoje bolji načini za čuvanje jezika od toga da jedeš ugljenisan biftek, složićeš se
  10. Ivan_


    dragi svi, zalepili ste se za moj post kao da ga je ostavila medolinka ili marinica, ne znam da li sam glup ili biste me jebali... pitao sam tri konobara i dva šefa kuhinje danas, niko nije znao kako se na srpskom kaže medium rare. poenta nije da ja ne znam da se izrazim na srpskom nego da ljudi koji to treba da spreme ne znaju (jer ih je 90% učilo zanat po brodovima i inostranstvu), a pritom uvek naginju ka reš jer generalna populacija nije još evoluirala do krvavog mesa. naručivanjem na engleskom eliminišeš zabunu i to je cela poenta.
  11. Ivan_


    Kako se na srpskom kaže medium rare, nauči me pošto ne znam
  12. Ivan_


    ribz grill&booze sad ima jače burgere od burger house-a. uz to imaju i jako dobra rebarca i ooooooooooooooodličan pulled pork (tj. drpano prase). cene su im tu negde, s tim što je ribz pravi restoran, čak su poželjne i rezervacije. imaju i dostavu preko potrčka. preporuke su dakle ribz burger s duplim mesom (prave od pravog mesa a ne od tzv "roštilj mase" pa slobodno naručite i medium ili medium rare), pulled pork, ljuta rebarca. od priloga obavezno spicy wedges, običan pomfrit im je bljutav. imaju točeni erdinger. ko voli ozbiljne goveđe odreske, zapata je dobila t-bone i rib eye po razumnim cenama. imaju i oni vrlo pristojne burgere koji su doduše od roštilj mase, ali su zato dosta jeftiniji od pravih. izbegavati submarine bbq u kralja petra, em su im burgeri mali i loši, em su skupi, em drže neki hrvati :D
  13. nemoj akumulatorske, 99% ih je đubre, a ti ne živiš u šatoru i nećeš se zadaviti kablom
  14. Ivan_

    zanimljive slike

    grci crnci su krivi odlična slika :(
  15. ČD evo konačno otvorih forum s kompa, rešen je miki
  16. Ivan_

    Koji mobilni telefon

    Koliko ti troše kola po gradu?
  17. Ivan_


    Hoćeš da kažeš da nisi najveći fan Bouvija, Džeksona, Vitni Hjuston i Motorheda na svetu??!
  18. Ivan_


    otprilike ovako, s tim što full tretman sa brijanjem i masažom glave i leđa uplatim svaki treći-četvrti put jer to zna da potraje, ali eto znam koliko to košta ovde. btw genijalno mi je da nije rekao zokiju, koji je prvi spomenuo šišanje sa masažom, da je peder. inače bilo mi je smešno da nidža hipster koji kako je u međuvremenu i sam priznao više vremena dnevno provede nameštajući frizuru nego što ja na nedeljnom nivou posvetim celokupnom izgledu nešto priča, ali sam jutros pisao sa mobilnog na semaforu pa me je bk da elaboriram, bilo mi je lakše da mu kažem da je dei. muuuuuuuuuuu!!! erilisam položijo test ??
  19. Ivan_


    Ladno se šišam I tuširanje svaki dan, koja pederčina rofl